AIC Nakuru View Sunday School Church

AIC Nakuru View Sunday School Church

This project is located at AIC Nakuru View, next to AIC Academy, Kiamunyi. It is the designated church for the Nakuru Area Bishop. A master plan for the two acres designated for this particular church has already been done and includes a Sunday school block, a modern washrooms complex, baptism pool, a 3000 seater sanctuary, Area administration office block, a block of flats and a caretaker’s house.

The Sunday school block is, therefore, the very first facility being constructed. This is a two storey permanent structure which will be used as a meeting place for the congregation of about 100 people that is already meeting. Other facilities include pastor’s office, vestry, store and strong room on the ground floor. The upper floor will include a meeting hall, boardroom and offices.


Area Projects Committee, Locals Churches in the Area and SHARE SARANGBAT
Korea, through their Kenyan Office.

Important Dates:

The Area Church Council and projects committee will be raising funds for the project on November 11th 2018 at the project site.

Donations and Support:

The Area Development kindly requests your support and partnership to make this project a success. You can send your donations through Mpesa PayBill No. 703185 or to the project bank account number 01128736842000 Co-operative Bank of Kenya Nakuru Branch.

Cheques Payable to A.I.C Nakuru Area Projects Development Committee



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