Taking cognisance of its role to develop and oversee projects within the jurisdiction of the Nakuru Area Church Council (NACC), as stipulated by the AIC Constitution and the AIC Kenya 2015 bylaws, the NACC appointed the Nakuru Area Projects Development Committee and delegated this role to them.

The Nakuru Area Development Committee was inaugurated on June 21st 2016 by Reverend Silas Yego, the Presiding Bishop of the Africa Inland Church, Kenya. The committee reports to the NACC and operates within guidelines stipulated in their terms of reference.

The committee serves voluntarily and no financial benefits accrue to any member of the committee.

AIC Nakuru View Sunday School Church

AIC Nakuru View Sunday School Church

This project is located at AIC Nakuru View, next to AIC Academy, Kiamunyi. It is...

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Though the committee has been in office for barely a year, the following has been achieved:

  • Refurbishment of the Nakuru Area Church Council boardroom and furnishing the same
  • Construction of new washrooms at the Area Church Council Offices
  • Designing of a master plan for the AIC Nakuru View church
  • Development of the NACC website

Fundraising on November 11th 2018 for the COMPLETION of A.I.C Nakuru View Church Sunday School Block.


i) Develop income generating projects for the Area Church Council in real estate, high-end schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial developments etc.

ii) Buy and manage stocks in the Nairobi Stock Exchange for and on behalf of the ACC.

iii) Develop a piece of property near Kiamunyi police post as the main sanctuary for AIC in Nakuru Area. This will eventually be the Bishop’s Church.

iv)Develop a policy document on how church projects within the jurisdiction of the Nakuru Area Church Council are to be executed and managed. This policy will assist in harmonizing standards for church projects in the area.

v) Provide leadership and advise the ACC in the development of business partnerships and investments on church properties. The ACC will however sign all execution and partnership documents. The ACC to provide the committee with a list of their properties for investment planning purposes.

vi) Design and support proposed Area Women Committee projects.

vii) Forge partnerships with friends, pastors and organisations, locally and internationally.

viii) Organise foreign trips for Area Bishop’s office for linkages and fundraising for proposed ACC projects.

ix) Assist the ACC with the documentation of ownership documents (Area, RCC, DCC, and LCC) and updated annually.

x) Set up projects designated for the Nakuru area pastor’s pension fund to complement the ACC contributions.

xi) Set up conference facilities for the bishop’s office with adjoining offices for administration purposes.

xii) Advice on the appointment and operational procedures of management boards for completed/ existing projects owned by the Area Church Council.

Xiii) Develop a website for the Area Church Council where information and communication will be uploaded.